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The Who What Why of Thrdi


Times are changing. We must change with the times.

As a society, we are moving away from centralized dominance, hierarchical control, rigid lifestyles, and the Win/Lose idealogy that leaves most people feeling defeated and discouraged amidst the struggles of industrialized economic progress.


The New Paradigm cultivates cooperation and trust, decentralized control, continuous adaptation, long term solutions, and Win/Win orientation in all aspects of life and business.


Thrdi is the evolving brand of this new paradigm.  By focusing on the projects, places, products, and people that embody the new Paradigm Culture, we are catalyzing the movement of the future.



Thrdi launched in 2018 and is the brain child of serial Entrepreneur Gavin Gene. 

In 2012, Gavin left a full ride scholarship with Honors to follow his soul to the beach.  Through that personal evolution, he created the OceanTokes product line, his first venture into the world of alternative income and the New Paradigm mindset and a renown brand name that has proudly served over 10,000 nature-minded customers since 2012. 

Gavin now expands his reach into a new dimension of ecommerce, by sourcing and providing products that represent the New Paradigm Culture and the lifestyle of the progressive millennial. 

Gavin is also the creator of the #OnePercentChallenge (, an affordable life coaching strategy that outlines the keys to success in the new Paradigm and guides clients through a simple and effective process of personal integration transformation.


In it's infancy, Thrdi is an online store featuring the products and concepts of the New Paradigm.  

As we evolve, so too will our mission and services.  It is out intention to grow and prosper as much in the physical space and real interpersonal relationships as in the digital realm. 

We hope to catalyze an extended road trip during festival season 2019, where our culture and our products will be demonstrated in real world environments.

Stay tuned, and subscribe to our email list for updates as they are manifested.


You may have heard the term "digital nomad", ie the idea of an entrepreneur building a reputable and supportive business that can be run from a portable laptop computer anywhere in the world.

This is Thrdi.  We source products from dozens of suppliers and manufacturers, some local and some abroad, while building our foundation and supporting our customers from locations all over the planet.

Our home base is in Austin, Texas, but when our customer support responds to your inquiries, we could be anywhere on Earth. :)


Hands down the most important question of the New Paradigm: Why?

As founder and creator Gavin Gene realized the limitations of his previously held brand, OceanTokes, it became clear that a new and more expansive focus was needed to encompass the lifestyle he truly believes in. 

Thrdi is Gavin's personal response to the revolutionary shift currently unfolding throughout society; an opportunity to grow, expand, and share with the world the ideologies of the New Paradigm.


For more information on Thrdi and it's founder Gavin Gene, subscribe to the Founders Blog.